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                                                                 Published on May 3, 2012

Ken Jernigan, a Gulf Power retiree, talks about how texting and driving cost his son his life and the void in the family's life left by that decision. A powerful message on the dangers of texting and driving.

Listed below are the KXII video links

We work crashes all across the Calera city limits, however US 69/75 at north Mckinley continues to be a dangerous intersection, please slow down, pay attention to the traffic signals and do not become distracted!

KXII NEWS - CALERA,OK -- Students at Calera High School learned first hand the dangers of distracted driving.Stop the texts, stop the wrecks.


The slogan from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office is what local police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers we're trying to get across to Calera high school students Tuesday morning.


"That 3 seconds before the crash, is what distracts you, that 3 seconds, that's what does it." said Ashley Hampton.


"Leave the phone alone, it can wait." said Don Hyde.


Calera Police Chief Don Hyde helped put together the seminar on Tuesday in order to educate students on the dangers of distracted driving; specifically, texting while driving.


"I would rather have a thousand cars pulled over on the shoulder, reviewing a phone call or reviewing a text, as opposed to driving, while trying to manipulate that vehicle at the same time." said Hyde.


"If you just wait for just a little bit, or pull over or something, you can save your life or someone else's." said Giguere.


Dylan Giguere was involved in an accident a few years ago, he was riding with a few of his friends when the driver, his best friend, turned around to look at a text message. He overcorrected and flipped the vehicle. Giguere's best friend died.


He hopes his story helps inspire others to not text and drive.


"If me talking today scared these kids, then I hope it scared them enough to not do what my friend did." said Giguere.


Hyde says he hopes students truly hear the message and wait to check their texts.


"Sometimes a reality check it what they need, and we're hoping that message is what comes across today." said Hyde.

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